Horsmonden Scarecrow Competition 2016 Friday 14th to Sunday 16th OctoberCome and see the scarecrows in Horsmonden, Walk around our lovely green and enjoy looking at the many different scarecrows. Take time to try out the fruits of our local harvest at Heath Stores where we are celebrating our Apple, Cider and Beer Festival.

The winning scarecrow will be announced at 12pm on Saturday 15th October at the Social club after Ellie's Cake Bake Off for Clic Sargent. 

  • Email Kate at Heathstores@gmail.com to confirm your entry. (suggested donation of £2 for Clic Sargent)
  • Create your scarecrow
  • Bring your scarecrow to the green between 9am and 12pm on Friday 14th October (or place your scarecrow in your own garden)
  • Bring a board to put with your scarecrow to tell us all about your scarecrow, your business, your charity
  • Tell all your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to come to Horsmonden to see the scarecrows
  • Scarecrows remain your responsibility throughout the weekend. You can bring them in at night or leave them on the green at your own risk
  • Collect after 5pm on Sunday 16th October

How to support a charity with your Scarecrow

  • Simply note on the board that donations for your charity can be made at Heath Stores and give a collection pot to us for your charity.
  • If you want to go further with your fundraising then create a Just Giving charity page for your scarecrow. (note any other charity giving website can be used as well)
  • Detail the Just Giving page information on your board
  • You can even add a text number and code for donations
  • Share your just giving page on social media and email with pictures of your scarecrow to get friends and family donating.
  • https://www.justgiving.com

Images from Horsmonden Scarecrow Competition 2015